The Walker-Knox-Mann Family


Welcome to my web page documenting my research on the families of James M. Walker of Brownsville TN, John Knox of Rowan County NC, and Burke Mann of Brownsville TN. These families all lived in the same small area of North Carolina and Tennessee at the same time in the late 18th and 19th centuries. So, it is not surprising that marriages have taken place several times to connect the families.

My primary interest is in my Walker family ancestors, however I have also recorded and continue to add information about the Knox and Mann families. If you have information about these families that you would be willing to include here, please send me an email. I have also included information on the Lea family as it is a blood link to an officer in the Continental Army at the time of the American Revolution.

Use the menu at right to navigate through the family tree. The blog link goes to my research blog that describes the newest content. The family name links go to the early ancestor of that family. The index link goes to the surname index.

Help Wanted

Nashville TN: To transcribe the autograph book of John Kerr Walker which resides in the manuscript room at the state library.

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